• Question: Why do we get depression because it is a horrible thing to have

    Asked by scarlett5 to David on 30 Jan 2019.
    • Photo: David Howard

      David Howard answered on 30 Jan 2019:

      Depression is indeed a horrible thing to experience. Depression is caused by a number of different things including our genes, our past experiences and our current environment. Changes in mood are a normal part of being human and they help us feel good but also try and prevent us from harm.
      Depression is partly our bodies way of protecting us from having bad experiences in the future. However, if the brain continues to make us reluctant to do things, this in itself makes us feel worse and prevents us having positive experiences too. People who are able to manage their depression well get a sense that their brain is processing things differently and take actions to try and stop the negative thoughts. This can be seeking help from a doctor or psychiatrist or using their free time to play sports, go for a run or spend time in nature.