• Question: What’s your fave animal and why

    Asked by pinaple to Reka, Paul, Laura, Kevin, James, Hannah, Gill, Emma, Ed, David, Anthony on 19 Jan 2019.
    • Photo: Kevin Daly

      Kevin Daly answered on 19 Jan 2019:

      Orangutans, because I think they are incredible looking animals. Whales too, due to their intelligence.

    • Photo: Laura Nolan

      Laura Nolan answered on 21 Jan 2019:

      I really like dogs, they are amazing companions and I think they can have great personalities. I also recently discovered some videos on capybaras (eg https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1mz0XyBtFhQ) which make me smile a lot – they seem like super chilled and social animals!

    • Photo: Reka Nagy

      Reka Nagy answered on 21 Jan 2019:

      It’s been a very long time since anyone asked me that question – funny how people think that as you grow up, you are no longer interested in answering questions like ‘what’s your favourite colour’ and ‘what’s your favourite animal’ !

      I think mine’s a toss-up between horses, and wolves. The former, because riding them can be quite exhilarating, while the latter, because they are so fierce and majestic!

    • Photo: James Cole

      James Cole answered on 22 Jan 2019:

      I grew up in Zimbabwe where I was lucky enough to see lots of mazing wild animals, but my favourite animal if the lion.

    • Photo: Gill Harrison

      Gill Harrison answered on 23 Jan 2019:

      I love all animals. Dogs are great, as they seem to sense your moods and react to happy, sad etc.
      I enjoy watching meercats and marmots. they work well in groups and always have someone looking out for the pack.