• Question: what would you do if you weren't a scientist???

    Asked by finster6rr to Tomas, Richard, Reka, Paul, Omar, Oliver, Laura, Kevin, Kat, Judith, James, Hannah, Hannah, Gill, Gemma, Freya, Emma, Ed, David, Ceri-Wyn, Bobby, Anthony on 4 Jan 2019. This question was also asked by pineapplepen, gogo2007.
    • Photo: Hannah Currant

      Hannah Currant answered on 4 Jan 2019:

      I think I would do something with food, maybe a baker. It still has an element of science and I love food a lot. But I’m not sure how well I’d deal with the early mornings…

    • Photo: Kevin Daly

      Kevin Daly answered on 6 Jan 2019:

      Maybe a historian, because I think understanding the past helps us understand the present, and is a bit under-appreciated. A game designer (e.g. board games) could also be a lot of fun!

    • Photo: Laura Nolan

      Laura Nolan answered on 7 Jan 2019:

      If I wasn’t a scientist I might be a medical doctor, or perhaps a job where I could work outdoors all the time in a beautiful location – like a scuba dive instructor, or water sports instructor!

    • Photo: Judith Sleeman

      Judith Sleeman answered on 7 Jan 2019:

      I’d be a retired scientist!

      Actually no idea at all. Nothing else ever appealed to me.

    • Photo: Paul McKeegan

      Paul McKeegan answered on 11 Jan 2019:

      I’m with Judith on this, and can’t really imagine being anything else!

      I love that my job is basically learning in the lab and from others, and telling other people about cool stuff I have learned in the lab or from others!

      I would probably try to write a book. About science-fiction.