• Question: What subjects do u have to do at GCES to be a scientist

    Asked by gogo2007 to Reka, Laura, Hannah on 17 Jan 2019.
    • Photo: Hannah Currant

      Hannah Currant answered on 17 Jan 2019:

      There’s no list that you HAVE to do to be a scientist and some people will study very different things before changing to science. Obviously taking biology, chemistry and physics is important and math can be very useful. Aside from that many subjects will be helpful in a science career. For example geography can teach you a lot about environmental science, history helps you understand context of things and also gives you good detective skills. Each subject will give you a skill that you will probably find useful in a job as a scientist. I’m always surprised at how useful I find things I studied in art or resistant materials to my job today and am so grateful I kept studying Spanish as science is very international! Generally I think it’s important to study what you enjoy. You’ll be studying it for a wee while so it’s important it’s something you want to study, so you get the most out of it!