• Question: Did you have to practice for the lectures?

    Asked by p5avictoria to Omar, Laura, Kat, Heather, Hannah, Gill, Bobby, Aoife, Alice on 15 Jan 2019.
    • Photo: Omar Mahroo

      Omar Mahroo answered on 15 Jan 2019:

      My part in the lectures was only a couple of minutes, so I didn’t need to practise much. I did take photos of the eyes of the two volunteers in advance to make sure I could see what the differences were. Also, the eye camera I was using stopped working just as we wheeled it into the lecture theatre, but luckily started working again as soon as the filming started! That stressed me out a bit!

    • Photo: Gill Harrison

      Gill Harrison answered on 16 Jan 2019:

      I had to scan Rosie, the pregnant lady, before we did the rehearsal for two main reasons:
      1. to make sure her baby was OK and there were no problems. Also so that we could talk through what would happen during the lecture.
      2. so that I could learn to use the machine. It is the same make as one I am familiar with, but a newer model so I needed to learn where the buttons were and what to do to get the 4D image.

      Unfortunately there’s not much you can do about babies in the womb though in terms of practicing getting what we needed. They misbehave even before they are born 😉

    • Photo: Heather Widdows

      Heather Widdows answered on 17 Jan 2019:

      We did a rehearsal on the day, so some practice about how to present and work together. But when it came to the topic I discussed we didn’t really have to practice what to say, as I’ve been working on the ethics of genetics for nearly 20 years.